15 seconds of fame: Adinah

15 seconds of fame: Adinah

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I’m back with my new column 15 seconds of fame, the traditional 15 minutes having been reduced by some Instagram magic! Every month, I’ll feature one talented anonymous bird from this social media, allowing you to discover that person thanks to a little quiz and my favorite video (and as I’ve always had issues sorting things out, I’ll even add two extra links). But please note that even if I’m offering 15 seconds of fame to these music-loving users, it’s actually YEARS of success that I wish and presage with this column! Without further ado, I’ll invite you to get to know Adinah: with her playful eyes and sultry voice, you can only fall for her talent! I’m totally looking forward to her ALLURE EP. You know how some people can make amazing covers but literally suck at writing their own songs? Well, this is definitely not Adinah’s case who already convinced me with snippets of her original gems like this one which will be part of her new project, or Michael and Ocean Wave.

And if you think you have what it takes to give me goosebumps too, send me your link to alison@urbansoul.be or @urbansoulmag on Twitter (and by the way, let’s follow each other on Instagram as well, shall we?)


Artist name: Adinah
Age: 23
City: New York City, USA
I’m a: singer-songwriter-musician.
Instruments: the piano.
I fell in love with music… : I come from a musical family, so I’ve always loved music. I think I truly fell in love with it when I began studying and writing songs. I listened to music differently, e.g. lyrics and melodic structure.
I sing because… : There’s nothing I love more. Singing gives me an outlet to release certain emotions inside of me that I am unable to do in any other way.
My musical pet peeve: I don’t know if I necessarily have a “pet peeve” when it comes to music. Music is such a subjective artistic release, so I try to appreciate different types, approaches and styles of music. Yes, even heavily auto-tuned artists, like T-Pain or Kanye — there’s still a whole lot that goes into their songs. I really love great production, so I dig all of that.
The song that represents me the best: That’s an extremely difficult question haha. Currently, I think Molasses by Hiatus Kaiyote represents who I am as of now.
3 words to describe my own music: honest, soul, indie-electronic.
Dream collaboration: That’s tough, I would have to say The Internet, Hiatus Kaiyote, Banks or Lianne La Havas. I’d die haha.
Upcoming projects: My EP, ALLURE, is due out at the end of April! I’ll be releasing videos and having shows in and around New York City and Los Angeles this summer.
Where to find me:  Instagram ● Twitter ● Soundcloud ● Facebook ● Tumblr ● YouTube

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