Jon Vinyl – Life (audio)

After spending 4 years in his basement creating music in his home studio, Jon Vinyl decided to come gasping for air in 2017 and ultimately, to let his songs go with the wind.

Yves Paquet – 16 (audio)

Some sensual R&B made in Belgium to keep you going this week!

Kamille feat. Avelino – Body (audio)

It's pretty exceptional nowadays that lyrics manage to catch my full attention but Kamille succeeded in doing so with her debut single Body.

Mickey Blue – What I Wouldn’t Do (EP)

As much as I always search for new talents across the Channel, it becomes more and more obvious to me that Canada is a breeding ground for talent, judging by the nationality of the artists I wrote about on the blog recently. The latest example? Mickey Blue.

Jhyve – Feel Something (audio)

There's something so calming about smooth jazzy guitars and this is precisely why I fell for Jhyve’s latest single, Feel Something.

Ruben Young – Running For You (video premiere)

Still relatively unknown in Europe, Ruben Young is slowly but surely rising to the top in Canada. Discover now exclusively on Urban Soul his brand new music video for Running For You!

MNEK – Paradise (acoustic)

The MNEK banger factory has just presented a new version of Paradise and it's a real upgrade!

Ryland James – Good To You (video)

Brace yourselves: here's the next big thing in the making!

Coming soon – Juillet 2017

Toutes les sorties musicales belges du mois de juillet 2017 !