Wake The Wild feat. Poe Loes – Love Like This (audio)

Wake The Wild feat. Poe Loes – Love Like This (audio)

Look guys, my music taste has two moods when the sun is out and it’s either sassy/cheeky pop/rnb or breezy soul/rnb, and I feel like Wake The Wild‘s Love Like This is a bit of both so obviously, it got all my attention. A catchy track about catching feelings? Sign me up please.

Exploring the unexpected emotions that surface during a casual fling, Love Like This is about “that pivotal moment when you wonder if there’s something more than just a hookup”. It’s poppy, funky and soulful all at once, all delivered with top-tier musicality but what more could you expect when you pair 3 talented musicians with Stevie Wonder‘s legendary drummer Stanley Rudolph? Just groove at its finest, combined here with Mexican artist Poe Loes who’s providing flirty female vocals and twinkling butterflies resulting in what feels like a more playful and uptempo version of Justin Bieber and Kehlani‘s Get Me. “Poe came through the studio one night with the homies Stanley and Chris, the band explains on Instagram. We wrote, recorded and produced everything in a few hours which is what often how the best songs often come together.”

Having met in their middle school jazz band, Chase Jackson, Zach Sorgen (who co-wrote KAI‘s Peaches, one of the songs of my summer 2022) and Forrest Kazuo Mitchell all grew up performing together before splitting across the country throughout college. Now reunited in Los Angeles, they’ve been making magic as Wake The Wild, combining funky live instrumentation with nu-disco and retro dance music on top of writing, producing and playing for other artists and it comes at no surprise to me that Dirty Loops had them opening up for them at a recent show.

Press play to catch the vibe.

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