Allan Tune – made it all up (audio)

Allan Tune – made it all up (audio)

Some songs set the mood real quick and Allan Tune‘s new single made it all up is certainly one of them.

Coming from a rock background with the electric guitar as his first instrument, Allan grew up playing in bands and listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day. Now you know I like artists who are not afraid to blur genre boundaries and this is something he’s excelling in with this track, which hides under its introspective indie tones, a soulful essence reminiscent of JMSN‘s older material. Written, produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Allan Tune himself, made it all up reflects on tough times, fears and uncertainty. His evocative vocals dance nonchalantly around textured strings and simple keys that echo the chorus as his thoughts keep on spiraling.

The song is the first taste of his new and third album my dead music box which you can listen to here. “I recently got the idea to make a music box. As a child, I loved them. I used to make them turn, patiently waiting for the music to be over, just to play it all over again. It felt like discovering magic. And I think I’ve been chasing this feeling ever since. I dedicated this dead music box to all the living, Allan Tune prefaces. To those who totally lost hope and want to cry and dance. To those who are filled with hate and don’t know how to get rid of it. To all the lost souls, wandering. Without a shelter nor solution.”

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