Mike Baretz takes us on an ethereal journey where the rise & fall are equally beautiful.

Sedric Perry delivers a new music piece that feels like home.

'00s nostalgia is about to hit you with this one!

An elegant depiction of what happens when the flame starts flickering.

Tenderness encapsulated in a song.

If you don't have time to read, let me summarize it for you: this song is BIG (and features a songstress that I'm sure we'll hear more of very soon).

Sskyron's dreamy duet with Maheva Ony is on repeat since the beginning of the year and the new music video is now just strengthening my obsession!

Let Niomí's poetic whispers gently awaken your senses...

Embrace the good & the bad with Diamantina's comforting r&b ballad.