Where to find new music

Sharing is caring: here are my favorite spots to fish for new songs and artists, just to keep you busy in between two publications on Urban Soul!

Hunnah – Think About It (audio)

I always thought my Mom was a bit crazy when she used to say that some artists felt like family to her. But Hunnah definitely feels familiar and not in an unoriginal kinda way: both her background and her music hit home.

ONUR – Beamin’ (audio)

The enigmatic singer ONUR offers a fresh take on R&B with his debut single Beamin'.

Ruby Francis – All of the Time (video)

Wanted: 2 people who would like to recreate Ruby Francis' video with me on a boring day.

Raleigh Ritchie – Time in a tree (audio)

I'm back. He is too. Back at it again reading & winning my heart.

All eyes on… Scarlxrd

The first time I heard Scarlxrd, I felt attacked and I claimed that I would never listen to these tracks ever again. Boy, was I wrong: I got sucked into his story. Let me explain what made me press play once again 24 hours after discovering him.

Childish Gambino – This Is America & Saturday (video)

You've already watched This Is America? Then watch it AGAIN.

5 reasons why I (and everyone else) love Mahalia

We're all falling for Mahalia, one by one (including Ed Sheeran and Nineteen85), since 2012. Here's a breakdown of her best seduction techniques.

Kim Cesarion – Call On Me (audio)

My favorite is back: get ready for take off!