Kyra - Bandages (review)

Kyra - Bandages (review)

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So far I’ve always known Kyra for her joyful odes, Good Love and Ell Oh Vee Eeh, but unfortunately, we aren’t living in the Care Bears world where sun, unicorns and rainbows prevail. That being said, obstacles build the character and the personality and sometimes help you to look at life, and even music, from quite a different angle. And it feels like it’s been Kyra’s case after her 26-year-old brother died of cancer back in 2012, three months following the doctors’ diagnosis. To tend to her wounds when she heard the bad news but also to put a smile on her brother’s face, she cowrote a song called Bandages (with Maiday, and Fred Cox who produced the track), which later inspired an eponymous EP out today, December 8.

On this project, the ballad is followed by Now You’re Gone a breakup song where you can hear the British singer modulating her voice with a lot of grace and self-control, with very sober background vocals added in the right places. You can’t help but notice that, whatever themes she chose to explore, Kyra is pretty much always accompanied with some endless optimism, and her hymn Give A Little Love is a perfect proof of it, bursting into slivers of love and hope. All in all, everything is very coherent, with Own Worst Enemy wrapping it up in a veil of vulnerability. If Kyra’s previous singles were catchy and full of good vibes, with this EP, I believe she finally creates a pure and emotional connection with her audience, daring to expose the person and scars hiding behind her perfect voice. And this is definitely all in her honour.

Kyra Bandages (EP)
Available here for free download.

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