Let Niomí's poetic whispers gently awaken your senses...
Embrace the good & the bad with Diamantina's comforting r&b ballad.
I knew I was about to witness a golden moment the minute I saw Maths Time Joy & Rich‘s names next to each other. What else can you expect when…
Introducing Kid Travis & his impeccable toplines!
Get ready to be buried deep in Taylor DeBlock's fusion of pop and r&b.
Let me tell you one thing: life always tastes better with a little bit of afrobeats in it. And Dan Onkar will demonstrate that just for you!
Catch one last glimpse of summer with Rosa Raye's breezy mix of pop and rnb!
Very proud to present to you Jade, a brand new talent hailing from Belgium (but not only - that seems like a long story).
Another genre-bending gem, this time courtesy of Elyar. And I won't complain about it.