Sharing is caring: here are my favorite spots to fish for new songs and artists, just to keep you busy in between two publications on Urban Soul!
Reminiscing in video my first solo trip ever, featuring Gigi Hadid!
I know: I've been lacking lately. So here's what I was busy with the past few months, not to justify myself but rather to quench your thirst of curiosity!
I’m off work for two weeks right now and I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve had such a long holiday NOT going abroad. I’ve always been one…
I'm taking you to Malta for my first travel vlog!
The weekend is here, but I've decided to talk about work. Because yes, work can be fun (even though I'm happy to be off), especially when it comes with the opportunity to do something you love. And AMERY's music is just that: close to the heart.
Hi, I'm Alison. Welcome in this new chapter of Urban Soul. I’ve been away for a while because… life happened. Please take a seat and let me explain everything.
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