Adinah - Allure (review EN)

Adinah - Allure (review EN)

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Whenever I write about a singer, a music video or a song on this blog, this is because I strongly believe in them and I adopt the same approach with the talents I scout monthly for my Instagram feature, full of artists that I follow actively. This goes for Adinah: in love with the few snippets of her original songs, I didn’t hesitate one second to take part in her Kickstarter campaign, meant to raise money in order to produce, record, mix, master and promote her very first EP. Initially scheduled for April, she has kept us waiting for it until a few days ago and, trust me on this: Allure is worth way more than one listen.

Consisting of five tracks written by the songstress and produced by Ryan Mitchell Grey and Andrew Kim, this EP invites us to nestle in a bubble in a lunar soundscape, thanks to instrumentals sometimes simple and pure, and sometimes more synthetic, reminiscent of Jessie Ware‘s ethereal electronic touch in songs like Allure, Vertigo and Lethal.

With her velvety voice, Adinah sprinkles elegance on every piece of her music, which all reflect the image she conveys through her social networks where I discovered her. I can therefore assure that this project definitely resembles her. She shows her sultry, fierce and seductive sides on Lethal, but she can also be fragile on Michael in tribute to a lost one, or romantic but nostalgic on Ocean Wave and its soothing repetitive guitar.

A few years ago (well, 8 years ago!), a friend of mine was outraged that I couldn’t attend a Corinne Bailey Rae‘s concert. “Her music screams your name”, she told me. And indeed, there are some artists with whom you feel a strange connection. Whom you listen to, thinking: “If I had to write an album, an EP, I would do it exactly the way they did it”. Because they know how to stroke our ears, but they also know the way to our heart and soul. And this is precisely what Adinah performed with her brilliant debut.


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