My name is Alison, I’m a 30-year-old music lover & publicist living in Ghent.

I grew up surrounded by music. In our home, you could hear some Sade followed by Céline Dion and Kassav in the living room, then some heavy metalcore in my brother’s bedroom while my little sister used to be obsessed with these Disney Channel pop princesses and everything mainstream. I’ve often wandered myself from one genre to another and I’m still extremely eclectic today, even though I have a strong taste for soul and rnb.

I studied music (RIP, long weekly hours spent at the Academy). But I’ve also danced it, sung it, written it. It even became my job, to a certain extent, when I started as a showbiz journalist. Obviously, when I was asked to run an interview, it was only to know more about the artist’s private life rather than his professional one. But I chose to always mix both aspects and it was usually well appreciated. I still remember Matthew Irons, Puggy’s singer, thanking me after our chat « because it isn’t everyday that you got the chance to talk about music and I’m tired of being asked about my outfits ». And it made me smile. Cause there’s nothing I’m more passionate about than art and I had managed to make it an enjoyable moment for the both of us.

So, yes, I often spend hours looking for some new artists, researching, listening and being fascinated by the driving forces and visions behind an album, an image, a career. Therefore, on URBAN SOUL, you won’t find any gossip or clash report: music always sets the tone!

As music press barely exists in Belgium, I’ve decided to make my own little contribution in 2010 by launching URBAN SOUL. Based in Belgium, this blog was once upon a time exclusively dedicated to R&B, soul, rap, zouk and urban pop. But I chose to take a slightly different direction in summer 2017, incorporating more variety, life and extra pieces of me into my posts.

I spread love and positivity, not hate. If I don’t like something, then I just don’t write about it. Every post is always 100% my honest opinion and I only write on an impulse. Make my heart melt or beat faster and you’ll be featured on URBAN SOUL!

For the longest time, I solely wrote about music, but you can now expect posts about my travels, favorite books, movies and places, as well as conversations and other little things that inspire me and feed my soul.

Artists, PR and music labels can submit their projects via an email to alison@urbansoul.be. If your track/music video/EP/mixtape/album speaks to me and will be the subject of one of my upcoming posts, I will always let you know and inform you about a possible publishing date. Once the article is online, you will receive another confirmation email.

Regarding album releases and events, please note that only the dates concerning Belgium will be talked about on URBAN SOUL. Of course, albums shipping are welcome but they won’t imperatively be reviewed on the blog (cf. My editorial line).

URBAN SOUL gives you the opportunity to promote your artists, events and even your brand through display ads (slider, banner within the articles and in the right column). Sponsored posts are also possible but only if it respects the editorial line, fits the target audience and features the « Sponsored » mention. If you’re interested, please send me an email to alison@urbansoul.be.

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