Nicky MacKenzie – Comfortable (audio)

Nicky MacKenzie – Comfortable (audio)

Throughout your life, there will be crossroads moments where you’ll feel stuck between your old ways and this little voice repeating that you’ve outgrown this version of yourself and better things await if only you’d dare to embrace change. I’m way too familiar with the feeling… Sometimes, we’re just not quite ready to step into the new chapter. And sometimes, this also requires to sit with those emotions and process them.

“I can’t get comfortable if I always wanna leave”, Nicky MacKenzie sings in her new track Comfortable, with a sensibility echoing the highs and lows that she learns to welcome with softness. Her voice is warm, but beautifully tinted with little cracks and as Leonard Cohen once nicely puts it: this is how the light gets in. And trust me, that light shines extra bright in the run that ends every chorus!

Ultimately, this song produced by Likeminds became Nicky’s solace, examining the space between adolescence and young adulthood, questioning what it will feel like to finally arrive in a place of self-reliance. “I wrote Comfortable at a time when I was going through a big growth spurt of self discovery and coming to understand the ways in which my brain worked and what made me tick, the Canadian independent artist explains. It became a very personal and cathartic song and I feel like I realized what it was about after I had written it. It’s a song about figuring yourself out, walking away from situations that make you anxious, and learning to grow up and trust the voice in your head.”

Vowing to create space for her audience to unpack their own experiences, the singer will feature the track on her new EP MORALS expected later this year. “The general theme of the EP and most of the music I have been writing in the past few years is about learning to peel back your deeper layers and teaching yourself to live your life with shameless undertones. I learned a lot during the making of these songs, and I hope you can take something from them too”, Nicky MacKenzie concludes. 

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