Diamantina – Beauty in the Beast (video)

Diamantina – Beauty in the Beast (video)

If you’re a loyal reader of this blog (in which case, I really applaud you considering all the technical issues it has gone through and my inconsistency this year), Diamantina shouldn’t be a stranger to you. And even if she is, she won’t be for long as she’s the type of soul that opens up in a gorgeous smile and just has you at “hello”… or her very first notes. 

For the past few years, she brought all of her energy on the table with her sparkling pop that made us groove but she’s now melting our hearts and inviting us to look deep within. Indeed, with her new single Beauty in the Beast, she’s revealing her softer, more vulnerable side, inspiring us to tune in with our feelings too and to accept and love every little part of ourselves. “I wrote this out of deep open wounds. It’s my healing song that gets all my heavy emotions out and allows me to feel comforted and supported, Diamantina explains. That’s also my hope for connecting with my listeners especially in the hard times we’re all in today. A good cry and talk with loved ones is what we all long for and deserve. So get your tissues out, you’re going to need them!”

Unveiled earlier this year, the intimate r&b track now has its own visuals, made with love by Diamantina herself during the quarantine. “There is beauty in vulnerability. I wanted to create my own music video out of my comfort zone whilst embracing my emotions. Unravelling the glam and finding beauty within”, she adds.

Whether you need a good cry, a warm hug, a glimpse of hope or just a positive song to start your day, Diamantina’s Beauty in the Beast is your new go-to!

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