Young Saab feat. Blessing – DAY N NIGHT

Young Saab feat. Blessing – DAY N NIGHT
I find some solace in seeing that a few good things came out from the pandemic and Young Saab is probably one of them. Born in 2020, this Brooklyn collaborative duo of producers recorded their first mixtape Young Saab Stories Vol. 1 entirely remotely and a second one is already on the way, led by the single DAY N NIGHT.
I’m not gonna lie: it’s the voice of their featured artist, Blessing, who got me from the get-go. Hailing from Houston, the 20-year-old singer/songwriter aims to write songs that “map the innocent, messy, volatile, growing pains of a teenager” and damn, is she doing it well!  Her deep, rich and textured vocals kick you right in the guts before travelling all the way to your soul. She has that very special vibrato, sometimes dangerously (yet deliciously) flirting with yodeling, channeling authentically all the emotions shining through her young and relatable songwriting that doesn’t lack any depth. “I was inspired by a feeling of trying your hardest to make the best out of the worst situation, Blessing explains to Urban Soul. You know, someone hurt you, but you’re trying your best to play it off and be happy for them.”
The production itself is quite anthemic and has the essence of a great song: you know, these tracks that you can tell would sound just as good if they were completely stripped down? DAY N NIGHT is one of these. The hip hop/trap flavor is complimented by modern choir vibes in the chorus, wrapped with just the right amount of pop. “We wrote the chord progression and basic feel of the track with Miya Folick out in Los Angeles. We took it back to Brooklyn and produced the hell out of it before connecting with Blessing who immediately gravitated towards it”, Young Saab remember.
“When we got the first voice memo back from her we knew it was solid gold”, they add. Hell yes this song is precious.

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