15 seconds of fame: Kate Wild

15 seconds of fame: Kate Wild

Pour la version FRANÇAISE, cliquez ICI.

I’m back with my new column 15 seconds of fame, the traditional 15 minutes having been reduced by some Instagram magic! Every month, I’ll feature one talented anonymous bird from this social media, allowing you to discover that person thanks to a little quiz and my favorite video (and as I’ve always had issues sorting things out, I’ll even add two extra links). But please note that even if I’m offering 15 seconds of fame to these music-loving users, it’s actually YEARS of success that I wish and presage with this column! Without further ado, I’ll invite you to get to know Kate Wild. The girl is a session singer which implies that she spends more time in the studio than on stage but she surely deserves to step into the spotlights!  Her tone is golden and her harmonies and arrangements are perfection. Seriously, what more could you ask for? People need to hire and SIGN that girl.

And if you think you have what it takes to give me goosebumps too, send me your link to alison@urbansoul.be or @urbansoulmag on Twitter (and by the way, let’s follow each other on Instagram as well, shall we?)


Artist name: Kate Wild
Age: 24
City: Brighton, UK
I’m a: singer and lyricist.
Instruments: I play guitar sometimes!
I fell in love with music… : I always sang, for as long as I can remember. In 1997, I was 6 years old, listening to Céline Dion belt out My Heart Will Go On to the Titanic soundtrack and I was blown away. A friend said I should audition for the school choir. I sang that song from Titanic, and when I got accepted, I had never known happiness like it. In fact, I have never felt anything other than love for singing.
I sing because… : I am.
My musical pet peeve: When people spell a cappella “a capella”. Especially musicians. To me, that’s like spelling guitar “geeter” or bass “base”. It just feels very wrong to me haha 🙈!
The song that represents me the best: Fighter by Christina Aguilera. Christina was a huge vocal influence on me growing up. Her, along with some other female artists such as Beyoncé and Dolly Parton became my idols. Not just vocally, but because of their strong sense of ambition, passion, drive, self belief and independence. I believe these are so important! They all caught to be where they are. Another reason is that in the last year I was diagnosed with major vocal trauma. It totally shook me. Initially causing a lot of personal stress and disappointment. Now, I’m still recovering whilst using and training my voice harder than ever, and even if it makes for a slow recovery process, and despite the setbacks to my vocal health, I’m getting there. I’ll never give up and never stop growing and learning and fighting to be the best version ‘me’ that I can. That is why I choose this song.
3 words to describe my own music: electric, powerful, harmonious.
Dream collaboration: Toto. They had hit songs with Africa, Rosanna, Hold the Line. Here is a group of the most talented musicians in the world. They wrote and recorded with huge artists including a massive inspiration of mine, Michael Jackson. To work with these guys in any capacity would be a dream come true.
Upcoming projects: I’m soon to be releasing my second Loopmasters vocal sample pack for producers and musicians. I’m also working on various vocal features with artists worldwide and in the next month, you will find regular music covers, including my popular a cappella arrangements, on my YouTube channel.
Where to find me:  Keep an eye out for my latest work on Facebook, Soundcloud and YouTube. For a bit of everyday humour, follow me on Twitter. I’m also on Instagram and have an official website.

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