Río W Guthrie – Better Man. (audio)

Río W Guthrie – Better Man. (audio)

Río W Guthrie is offering a new track, Better Man., which could not be more fitting for the end of the year.

Hailing from London, the independent artist is passionate about creating music that is true to himself and it shows: I’ve always loved introspective songs, coming from an open heart and this single is definitely one of them. Better Man. serves as a musical farewell to the old self, weaving a narrative of personal transformation, Río explains. The lyrics resonate with the journey of bidding so long to past struggles and embracing the metamorphosis into a better, stronger individual. It mirrors the emotions tied to growth and self-discovery, creating a musical tapestry that celebrates the emergence of a new and improved version of self.”

With its twinkling soundscape that feels both classic and innovative at the same time, Better Man. is, to me, a true timeless piece where the clever vocal arrangements are definitely a highlight. The ethereal backing vocals more specifically are the star of the show: they feel like a thousand versions of himself coming together to support and elevate him to soar into a new era of his life. And this is just movingly beautiful.

Río W Guthrie is commited to make his innermost feelings shine through in every note and this track is definitely the embodiment of being fully aligned with who you are. I couldn’t think of a better ode to thank the old and welcome the new.

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