15 seconds of fame: Kyron

15 seconds of fame: Kyron

Pour la version FRANÇAISE, cliquez ICI.

I’m back with my new column 15 seconds of fame, the traditional 15 minutes having been reduced by some Instagram magic! Every month, I’ll feature one talented anonymous bird from this social media, allowing you to discover that person thanks to a little quiz and my favorite video (and as I’ve always had issues sorting things out, I’ll even add two extra links). But please note that even if I’m offering 15 seconds of fame to these music-loving users, it’s actually YEARS of success that I wish and presage with this column! Without further ado, I’ll invite you to get to know Kyron. If angels could sing, I’m sure they would sing just like him, with this smooth, soft and ethereal voice, whispering perfect riffs and runs ad libitum. I swear going through his instacovers feels like a sweet trip in heaven. So take a seat on cloud 9 and listen!

And if you think you have what it takes to give me goosebumps too, send me your link to alison@urbansoul.be or @urbansoulmag on Twitter (and by the way, let’s follow each other on Instagram as well, shall we?)


Artist name: Kyron
Age: 23
City: New York City, US
I’m a: singer/songwriter.
Instruments: None.
I fell in love with music… : I grew up in a very musical household. My mom was a huge fan of rock and roll and R&B. We would literally go from listening to Bon Jovi straight to New Edition or Janet Jackson. Also, I’ve been singing in church for most of my life so I’ve been exposed to a lot of different genres of music at an early age.
I sing because… : I have to. It’s like air to me. I can’t live without it. I know it sounds cliché but it’s honestly my truth. Singing is how I express myself. I can be a bit introverted at times, especially in crowds or when meeting new people. Singing is a way for me to showcase who I am, not only as a performer, but as a person. After you’ve heard me sing, you instantly understand who I am. Even if it’s just a little bit.
My musical pet peeve: When an artist tries to fit into a certain mold already created. There’s only two types of music to me: good and bad. And I only think music is bad when you try to hard to fit into what’s current or what you think people will like. Be great at being yourself. That shouldn’t be difficult for an artist. So when you start trying too hard, it’s really obvious and I truly believe you’re only effective when you’re authentic.
The song that represents me the best: Don’t Look Down by Martin Garrix featuring Usher.
3 words to describe my own music: authentic, emotional, powerful.
Dream collaboration: I would love to do a song with Drake & Zedd.
Upcoming projects: I’m actually working on building a live band now so I can begin booking shows. Check out my social media for more information about that!
Where to find me:  Instagram Vine ● Soundcloud ● Facebook.

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