15 seconds of fame: Lana Kei

15 seconds of fame: Lana Kei

Pour la version FRANÇAISE, cliquez ICI.

I’m back with my new column 15 seconds of fame, the traditional 15 minutes having been reduced by some Instagram magic! Every month, I’ll feature one talented anonymous bird from this social media, allowing you to discover that person thanks to a little quiz and my favorite video (and as I’ve always had issues sorting things out, I’ll even add two extra links). But please note that even if I’m offering 15 seconds of fame to these music-loving users, it’s actually YEARS of success that I wish and presage with this column! Without further ado, I’ll invite you to get to know Lana Kei. Everything about her is just so solar: her name, her smile and her hometown (aloha from Honolulu!) but most importantly, her voice. That warmth! Can you even believe that the girl is only 15? I’ve actually just found out about her age last week. Mind blown. Bonus points for sharing this passion with her beautiful family… but I do regret that she sometimes ends up deleting her instacovers. The sun can never be there for too long, am I right? Otherwise you wouldn’t enjoy it as much. But may Lana keeps on shining for years online, and eventually (and hopefully!) on the radio as well as on every stage of the world!

And if you think you have what it takes to give me goosebumps too, send me your link to alison@urbansoul.be or @urbansoulmag on Twitter (and by the way, let’s follow each other on Instagram as well, shall we?)


Artist name: Lana Kei
Age: 15
City: Honolulu, Hawaii
I’m a: singer/songwriter.
Instruments: I play guitar, and a little bit of piano.
I fell in love with music… : Well, I come from a musical family, so I guess you can say it was always just there you know? Each member in my family has a different style of music they sing/play/enjoy, so I was open to a lot of different styles and I loved it. Music was always a highlight in my family and it just wasn’t hard at all to fall love with it.
I sing because… : to me it’s like a sense of freedom or like a major relief of stress. It’s my everything, I feel like I was just born to do it. It’s my passion and my everything.
My musical pet peeve: Mmm… I wouldn’t necessarily say I have pet peeves, but If I could have a couple, it would most likely be when there’s a duet, or a group of people that sing together who don’t know how to harmonize whatsoever! Lol, I know it’s pretty terrible. Either that or lack of timing, inconsistent tempo. That drives me pretty insane.
The song that represents me the best: I actually don’t know, but I’ll put down the two songs I get super into when I get a little emotional or super happy: Who You Are by Jessie J or Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainor, haha!
3 words to describe my own music: unique, dreamy and happy.
Dream collaboration: Oooh Jessie J! Without a doubt. Either her or Tori Kelly.
Upcoming projects: I’m working on a couple of singles, but sadly nothing specific.
Where to find me:  Instagram ● Facebook

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