The musical life of... Parson James

The musical life of... Parson James

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It’s been a pleasure to get to know the lovely Parson James earlier this week to discuss his background, the launch of his career, his collaboration with Kygo and his upcoming debut album, as well as his Temple EP, fresh out the oven as it came out today!

Those of you probably already know that I love my little insignificant details can be reassured: I’ll share more about our meeting when I will publish our actual interview next week. But in the meantime, you might as well get familiar with the 24-year-old American singer/songwriter, through this little video which will tell you about his musical taste and songs that influenced his life so far. And if you’re curious about any of the tunes mentioned, feel free to expand the description bar where you will find a playlist including all the tracks and artists Parson talked about!


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