The musical life of... Zak Abel

The musical life of... Zak Abel

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I’m pretty sure everyone knows how much I love Zak Abel’s music by now. Following my All eyes on feature in 2015 (which repeatedly ends up as one of my most read articles since the release of his single Unstable in October), I hoped and waited for what seemed like forever before being able to finally witness his magic on stage at The Great Escape festival last year. However, because of a very busy schedule, I didn’t get the chance back then to chat with him and spill all the beans later over here. I therefore express my eternal gratitude to Laurine from Warner Music Belgium, who got the amazing idea to reach out to me when he came in Belgium for a press day, combined with too good but too short a showcase.

To avoid anymore frustration because I’m taking ages to edit this video, let’s look into the musical life of Zak Abel in order to discover together his current jams and the songs that made him the artist he is today! All of them are available to stream in the Spotify playlist at the end of this article and I’ll see you next week for the « pièce de résistance » (feel free to subscribe to the YouTube channel to be the first to know when it will go live)!



The last concert you attended?
Probably Izzy Bizu’s… Where did she play? I think it was at Koko’s!

The last album you purchased?
I’m on Spotify so… I actually stream so much music. And the last album I streamed was… I’ll show you… (he opens his Spotify app) Wait for it… It’s coming! It’s called Womma Yengor and it’s by someone called C.K. Mann & The Masters.

You might want to keep your Spotify open for the next question: name 3 songs in your current playlist?
Redbone by Childish GambinoBambro Koyo Ganda by Bonobo… and Cloud 9 by Jamiroquai!

The best song to seduce?
To seduce? (he laughs) Mmh… Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye.

The best song to dance to?
Let’s Get It On – slow dancing every day of the week!

The best song to wake up to?
Happy Birthday by Stevie Wonder. (Every day is your birthday?) YES!

The best song to lift your mood up?
Move On Up by Curtis Mayfield.

The song that reminds you of your childhood?
Oooh! Would I Lie To You by Charles & Eddie!

The song that you made you feel like singing for the first time?
Last Request by Paolo Nutini.

The song you wish you had written yourself?
Mmh… Wow. Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers.

The song that represents you (or your sound) the best?
It’s a song off my album and it’s called Deserve To Be Loved. (I know you love that one!) Yes I do!

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