Moses Sumney – Doomed (video)

Moses Sumney – Doomed (video)

Disclaimer: this has been released a month ago and if you’ve been around for a while, you’d know that this should be way too dated for me to mention it. But I couldn’t picture any other song for my first music come-back knowing that watching Moses Sumney‘s Doomed video made me realize how much I missed blogging. I blame it on the introspective nature of the track, but also on its celestial beauty.

Gems like these only come once in a while: it is one of these almost religious musical experiences that brings a feeling of togetherness in one’s solitude and an incomprehensible sadness in your moment of bliss. Above all, it is a majestically tragic piece that just speaks for itself, especially when enhanced by the stunning music video directed by Allie Avital, with whom Moses Sumney previously collaborated on Worth It last year.

Alongside new versions of Plastic and Lonely World, Doomed will be part of the artist’s debut album, due out on Septembre 22. Titled Aromanticism, the project is described as “a concept album about lovelessness as a sonic dreamscape that seeks to interrogate the social constructions around romance”. So many existential questions to be explored live with Moses on November 20 at the Botanique in Brussels.



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