Ruben Young – Running For You (video premiere)

Ruben Young – Running For You (video premiere)

I had no idea of who Ruben Young was until his name magically appeared in my mailbox a few weeks ago. It doesn’t happen often but this time, I’ve been pleasantly surprised as soon as I heard his soulful and charmingly raspy voice. The 25-year-old pop/rnb singer from Calgary is slowly but surely climbing the ladder, already making waves in the Canadian industry with over 1 million total streams and support slots for international acts such as The Chainsmokers, Akon and Classified, who actually ended up producing his latest single Bad Habits.

But it’s his previous effort, Running For You, that is on the agenda today, a song about the cycle of loving someone who loves to keep you chasing – who never lets you in, but never lets you go. ‘It’s about being fed up and knowing you’re being strung along, but every time you try to run to her, to tell her it has to end, you fall for the games all over again’, Ruben Young told Urban Soul. The artist worked on the track with the producer Kevin O’Brien, who helped him build up on the catchy track reminiscent of Bruno Mars‘ melodies. ‘Sonically, it’s one of my favourite songs, because Kev brought so many fresh elements together – from the tribal drums, to the vocal samples. My favourite engineer on earth, Spencer Cheyne co-produced and mixed it here in Calgary. He really brought it to life’, the singer further explained.

Visually, Ruben Young entrusted the award winning production company Image Nation Films, as well as Phillip Thomas and Spencer Foley with the creation of the Running For You video, filmed in Vancouver. Thomas and Foley starred, co-wrote, and produced the award winning feature film When the Ocean Met the Sky, directed and co-wrote by Lukas Huffman, which was released by The Orchard in the summer of 2016 after winning 13 international awards on the festival circuit.In regards to the storyline — it took Ruben and I a few months of back and forth’s and different treatments to finally lock in the final story, Spencer Foley recalled. One of the main themes of Ruben’s album is temptation – symbolized by an appleWe wanted to incorporate this into the video in a way that didn’t come across cheesy or gratuitous, without relying too much on it to get the point across (which I think we were successful at!) In a way, we don’t know what Ruben’s intentions are when we see him running, or where exactly he is going. Is running away from his vision? Or running to it? He could be running to tell her he can’t do it anymore, or that he needs this game to keep going. In the end we see that despite the negative influence this game has on his life, and his past experiences yelling at him not to enter the hotel and give into temptation again, he does so anyway.’ 

Running For You is the second single from Ruben‘s upcoming Bad Habits EP, which he describes as a combination of soulful R&B vocals, catchy pop melodies, and dance influences like future bass and future house.

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