Mickey Blue – What I Wouldn’t Do (EP)

Mickey Blue – What I Wouldn’t Do (EP)

As much as I always search for new talents across the Channel, it becomes more and more obvious to me that Canada is a breeding ground for talent, judging by the nationality of the latest artists I wrote about on the blog. Make room for Mickey Blue, who’s currently providing some Tropical Vibes in my Spotify playlist with Attached. One year after the release of his debut EP A Man In Love, the singer is back with a follow-up named What I Wouldn’t Do, currently available on Soundcloud for free download. For this new offering, Mickey Blue reunited with his producer Benstar, delivering a raw and soulful record. ‘I never approach any project in a specific manner because I believe that in itself is limiting. Freedom, to me, is everything. The day I lose my freedom is the day I stop making music. I think what you’re seeing is simply a progression of person; I’m older now. I wrote A Man In Love as a rookie and I’m coming to you with What I Wouldn’t Do as a seasoned sophomore’, he revealed to Urban Soul over email.

Aside from the dramatic first track Kill A Man describing perfectly what it means to be drunk in love, the EP pretty much presents itself as an effortless ode to the honeymoon phase of a relationship. Quite unexpectedly, the artist recommends to listen to it ‘alone’. ‘In the dark. Late at night. On good speakers’, he added. That works actually, even though I would personally like to press play while cruising with my #mancrusheveryday on sunny roads, picturing a forever ‘happily-ever-after’. No matter what your preferences are, Mickey Blue urges you to ‘please listen to my EP at your earliest convenience. It’s not bad’. I would even go so far as to say that it’s very good!

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