My travels – Malta

My travels – Malta

I barely have pictures of myself – I’m usually the one behind the lens. Not because I’m good at it but because that’s how I am: I like hoarding on memories. I’ve always cherished these evenings spent watching old family videos and from the perspective of perpetuating the tradition, I started to film my travels to compile all my images around a soundtrack reminiscent of the feeling I associate to my holidays.

I could have started with the very first one I ever made but decided to take you with me to my latest destination instead: Malta. I’ve been wanting to visit the Mediterranean island for ages, dreaming of the turquoise sea and the wonderful architecture at a crossroads of the European and Arabic cultures. Since the idea first crossed my mind, the Game of Thrones frenzy (many scenes have been shot in Malta) happened and I don’t know if the show or the high season are to blame (or maybe this was just bad luck) but I can’t deny that the warmth of the Maltese didn’t meet my expectations. But it takes more than this to blur and stain my pink colored glasses and prevent me from enjoying the little things surrounding me. I savoured my pasta at La Pira (highly recommend this restaurant) and still drool just thinking about my Amorino ice cream. The view from the top of the Gozo Cittadella took my breath away as much as the beautiful nature, courtesy of the crystal clear water and the sunsets. All of these fragments are wrapped up in Liv Dawson‘s spacious, delicate and nostalgic Tapestry. Would you give me the pleasure to join me?

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