Payton Odom – At My Door (audio)

Payton Odom – At My Door (audio)

Currently based in Brooklyn, Payton Odom comes from Dallas where he has been raised on a steady and varied musical diet. Baptism hymns taught him how to inspire a religious silence, old country instilled simplicity in his melodies, blues added raw emotions and Motown brought the soul. And after a voice loss interrupted progress on his first solo effort, resulting in a year of recovery in strained, restless quiet, the singer-songwriter probably knows better than anyone how words can be golden and how songs can make them even more thought-provoking.

Using both elements to grow from pain, Payton Odom recently delivered his first track ever, At My Door, born from a collaboration with producer Jeremy McDonald whose sound will likely but not so surprisingly remind you of Kevin Garrett… with whom he actually partnered several times. Starting with a beautiful gloomy piano, At My Door could work just as well in acoustic but the aery electronic layers are definitely  the ones to thank for that extra texture taking the piece to the next level. “I wrote ‘At My Door’ while rumbling underneath the East River on my morning train ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan, which is always a bit of a lucid dream. For me, the song is about knowing how to stay safe by staying alone, and wondering about whether the push-pull of a relationship will ever settle”, the artist told Blahblahblahscience.

At My Door is Payton Odom’s debut single off his forthcoming EP.

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