Jon Vinyl – Life (audio)

Jon Vinyl – Life (audio)

After spending 4 years in his basement creating music in his home studio, Jon Vinyl decided to come gasping for air in 2017 and ultimately, to let his songs go with the wind. And the latter feel like a relic found in the cellar and brilliantly renovated to make it relevant in the present.

Hailing from Toronto, this 19-year-old soul lover first unveiled Nostalgia in October, a track produced by his long-term collaborator Tyler Mcghee and supported by OVO Sound Radio and childhood friend Shawn Mendes on Twitter.

Released last week and produced this time by The 25th Hr, his follow-up single Life is just as good and depicts the inner turmoil of a young introspective artist, trying to pursue their dreams. Jon Vinyl sheds light on the experience of having to remain diligent in such a fast-paced city and reminds the audience that life doesn’t wait, so neither will he. I love the contrast opposing that raw, organic guitar, and those electronic commas. And I could swear that this song is literally breathing, at times suffocating, yearning for a “break from life”, to end with a second wind. I can’t wait to see where this will take him, especially with a debut EP on the horizon…

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