Sid Sriram – It Isn’t True (video)

Sid Sriram – It Isn’t True (video)

Music and relationships share a whole world of similarities. I’m sure you all have this musical first love, this idol that you look at or listen back to with a sweet nostalgia. Sometimes it’s love at first sight, sometimes you’re just flirting with songs for a couple of nights. There are artists you’ll want to keep it casual with, checking here and there but never committing to. And then… Then there’s the one. The one you’ve been waiting for your whole life but when it finally comes, you instantly know it was all worth the wait. The music of their heart is so pure that it touches your soul. You might lose each other for a while but the chemistry is inevitable. People come, people go and more often than not, you end up being just fine — you forget, you move on. But some have the power to leave an indelible mark and when these artists return, you’re still here, heart and ears wide open to hear everything about their journey. For me, Sid Sriram is undoubtedly one of these and I forgive every single one of his false promises, choosing to believe that everything happens for a reason. Insomniac Season never came and yes, I thought for a second that I had totally lost him to A.R. Rahman and Bollywood, considering the amount of music he released for the movie industry in India (which allowed him to build a career and to gain popularity so I won’t blame him). “If you love someone, let it go”, they say. So that’s what I did.

As a matter of fact, Sid Sriram let go too, but of the promise of a “forever”. In 2015, at the tail-end of a relationship, he wrote with Sean Tracy the gorgeous yet heartbreaking It Isn’t True that he recently unveiled. “It’s a conversation between myself and that person. It’s the type of conversation that one would have to try to convince the other person – and myself – that this is not working out anymore”, the 28-year-old explains about his uncertainty and pain subtly sharing a poignant final dance on this sumptuously simple acoustic track completed by Jake Sherman‘s organ work. “It’s a simple, and all the sentiments, the lyrics, are pretty straight-forward but we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how can we take this deeply painful, deeply complexed emotion, and articulate it in a way that immediately gets to the core of the feeling that I was in at that time”, he continues during the interview for Artist Originals. I’m not gonna lie: the beauty of this song left me in tears.

And I’m here for it, here for more: it seems that we can expect (for real!) an entire album full of Sid’s poetry in January 2019! Titled Entropy, the project stems from a track of the same name that he released in 2012 as part of his Conscious Mind live EP. For a year, Sid Sriram worked with the Saavn team, an Indian music platform, creating a kaleidoscope of thought processes and musical influences to write, compose and produce this album of 12 songs. It will include old tracks such as Limitless and 2AM Prayer in revisited versions and, according to The Hindu, a second single should be presented later this month (I’m secretly hoping for 6 weeks, that he shared as a snippet on Instagram last week). In the meantime, let’s watch and rewatch the splendid visuals for It Isn’t True, directed by Nathan Podshadley and Chelsey Croucher.


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