Nahima – Try My Luck (video)

Nahima – Try My Luck (video)

Today I’m presenting you a musical essay about the saying “If you haven’t loved, you haven’t lived”, brought to you by the wonderful Nahima, a new artist from a small beach town near Los Angeles. I always say that being by the sea is how I reenergize my soul and you better trust me now when I say that there is something in the water, because with Try My Luck, Nahima is dripping of poetic, sensitive verses and waves of calm. Perfect to start or finish your day and enjoy stillness in a fast-paced world, the song is the lead-single of her debut EP Wasted Days, an intimate 3-track project that, contrary to what its title might suggest, definitely doesn’t qualify as a waste of time.

“Try My Luck came out of a journal entry where I evaluated my feelings towards love and friendship, the songstress – who also penned the track and co-produced it with Terry Poindexter – confides. Realizing that I had hurt others in ways that they’d hurt me and then shifting focus into healing myself and taking time to reflect on the energy i was attracting and dishing out. I realized that isolation isn’t the key- honesty is and so as long as I keep good intentions, even if I get hurt again, I will have at least tried.” In hopeful and gently harmonized runs, Nahima sings “I tried and I’ll try”, reminding us, with her soothing chords and tone, that connecting is always worth it at the end of the day. Ornamented with sounds of rain and thunder, the instrumentation and melody remain simple and could quickly take a monotonous turn. But we end up with a hypnotizing caress instead, Try My Luck imposing itself as the perfect epitome of the Swedish word “lagom”: never too much, never too little; everything is in balance.

Mother Nature also compliments Nahima’s blissful music video, directed by Linnea Nam Backstrom, which I invite you to discover below.

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