K1D, Saskia, Darrell Cole & Krisy take Cuba!

K1D, Saskia, Darrell Cole & Krisy take Cuba!

It’s been a while since I haven’t spread some love for artists for my own country so let me do so. And as grey as the Belgian sky can be when I’m typing this, I’m going to do it with the sun in my ears and warmth at the tip of my fingers.

Back in June, Havana Club, the famous brand of authentic cuban rum, flew 4 Belgian artists to Cuba to join forces with local talents and get inspired by their surroundings to create an exclusive EP. Accompanied by the rapper Kumar and the songstress Daymé Arocena, our promising national gems Krisy, Darrell Cole, K1D and Saskia recorded the 6-track project Havana Club Sessions Vol. 1 mixing hip hop with cuban melodies for a cocktail muy caliente. And the best part of it all is that it is available as an open bar on all your favorite streaming platforms since October 25.

Actually, no. That’s a lie. The best part of it all for me is the presence of the solar Saskia who I’ve been dying to tell you about since the release of her debut urban pop single Pause earlier this year. A member of Krisy’s creative platform LeJeune Club and a protegée of Simon LeSaint, she moved me with her raw, evocative voice. Soft but also full of melancholy, her intoxicating tone is as bittersweet as life. And it’s giving me life. When I first heard Saskia, I remember thinking that it felt as if she was rubbing salt in my wounds and healing them at the same time. And while she’s preparing her anticipated debut album (I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to hear it), I will happily take a little sip of her vocals through the Havana Club Sessions. Here’s a glass of El Presidente, one of my favorites on the EP.

While you can’t drink and drive, you can surely press play on the Havana Club Sessions Vol. 1 & take the wheel and without moderation!

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