D Fine Us – Safe to Disconnect (audio)

D Fine Us – Safe to Disconnect (audio)

D Fine Us is a musical project founded by songwriter and producer Tomer Katz. And that name will quickly sound like a challenge once you’ll press play on Safe to Disconnect, D Fine Us’ latest release.

The track is… bewildering, to say the least. Don’t be mistaken: this comes from a place of love. The first few seconds confused me as I wasn’t sure this was relevant to Urban Soul. Then I heard that harmonica jumping in and I frankly thought the man was a bit cuckoo. But in a delicious type of way that put a huge smile on my face! Like a mad scientist, Tomer experiments with delta blues, soul, r&b and electronic; and this time, he had two lab assistants: Viggz Caldwell and Alisheva Young as the lead vocalists. 

The end result is special. Very special. I would even go as far as saying this is one of the most special songs I heard this year. It feels equally crazy and genuine and is the perfect representation of what I like the world to be: colorful! “It’s actually kinda funny, the inspiration for writing the song was ejecting a USB stick. My computer notified me it was ‘safe to disconnect device’, so I guess I gave it my own interpretation”, reveals Tomer Katz who built on that as a metaphor for his love songs which showcases an impeccable attention to detail.

While waiting for the D Fine Us album, give this one a try: trust me, you’ll be in for one crazy ride! 

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