Razz – Wonder (audio)

Razz – Wonder (audio)

Look, there’s a rule for alcohol that should be applied to autotune: go and have some but please, do so with moderation. Thankfully, Razz fully understands it and sprinkled just the right dose over his new single Wonder.

Based in London, Razz is a singer-songwriter and producer who currently launched his solo career after sharing his skills within bands for many years. Influenced by H.E.R. and Beyoncé just as much as Slipknot and Led Zeppelin, the young artist loves to experience with different genres, placing the guitar – that he picked in his late teens – at the core of his music. 

In Wonder, I hear a lot of Bruno Major but with a Frank Ocean twist (think Seigfried and Self Control). Opening with a raw, vulnerable voice and simple guitar chords, Razz offers a very rough track dismantling his relationship, where vocal effects come spicing up the chorus. “Wonder is a love song that I wrote a few years ago and it perfectly sums up my relationship at that time. It’s about me doubting the effort that I put into that relationship and subconsciously questioning if it’s worth continuing it… Spoiler alert: we broke up, Razz reveals. But everything is ok now.”

Hopefully, everything will be ok for his career too – at least he definitely seems on the right path by the sound of this track!

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