Lili Kendall – i am my own (video)

Lili Kendall – i am my own (video)

Born and raised in Australia, Lili Kendall made a big move a few years ago, leaving Brisbane for Los Angeles. Flying across the globe led her to another type of travel: self-exploration. Alone and far from her roots, the independent singer and songwriter found herself in a “time of unknown in her work and love life”, which inspired her new single i am my own.

“It is the perspective and revelation that I am my own home, my own temple, my own safe place, my own familiar feeling, she explains. Wherever I go, whoever is with me, whatever the circumstances… I have everything I need to be whole within myself. Making i am my own and now listening to it, gives me that essence of home I was once looking for from the outer world.” Because, as cliché as it may sound, this remains an absolute truth: once you find love within and honor this relationship with the self is when you ultimate get to experience the outward love of others! You will slowly learn to be at ease and at peace with your own solitude without feeling lonely because you’re enough.

Produced by Camden Bench, composed and engineered by Ervin Garcia, Lili Kendall’s i am my own is a transcending and transformative experience brought to life through extravagant visuals shot by the feminist director Caroline Iaffaldano. The video follows Lili in her journey through the galaxies and love in all its forms. “Regardless of the planet or galaxy she ends up in, Lili lands in her own body and is able to receive herself in her limitless capacity she calls home,” Iaffaldano writes.

The 22-year old artist is now gearing up to unveil her debut EP, love, herself, an ode to womanhood and self-empowerment. “I have found peace in the lyrics of these songs. Writing this project has been how I processed and released all that I’ve encountered over the last two years. I hope listening to these songs has the same effect on people that they’ve had on me,” Lili Kendall reveals. I don’t know about you but it surely has an effect on me… 

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