Sedric Perry – CTB (Could This Be) (audio)

Sedric Perry – CTB (Could This Be) (audio)

After making waves all the way to Europe as part of the duo FHAT, the American singer-songwriter Sedric Perry is back with a new solo project. He recently revealed a new track off his upcoming EP, set for release at the beginning of next year: CTB. Following the thread of his previous singles CMB (Count My Blessings) and FTS (Feel The Same), the abbreviation stands this time for Could This Be and it provides all the warmth you might need to survive this winter. Opening with a sultry piano and a falsetto that screams “I know what I’m doing”, CTB is a true feast for the senses. It smells like an expensive amber candle, tastes like luscious melted chocolate, feels like brand new satin sheets. It looks like a rom com in which you’re the main character and sounds like some of my favorite Maxwell‘s songs. And as it turns out, this sense of familiarity and comfort is exactly what Sedric Perry was going for:

“I wanted something that felt like home. After being in Berlin and Senegal and feeling like my life was spinning out of control at some points, all of a sudden I was back in New York. And this song was speaking to me. I was grateful and calm again. This song just felt like a big hug from everyone I ever loved, whether they’re here or not. I wanted to show this side of myself to people who’ve been listening for a while. To me this song feels like home”, he explained, highlighting that he wanted people to “really feel the love [he] poured into it”.

“Love is a beautiful thing that comes in many shapes, Sedric Perry added. Even when it’s tough or scary, we should lean into it. Everything moves so fast now and our attention spans are so short: we think we should always be somewhere other than where we are. Could This Be is your reminder to slow down and enjoy what’s in front of you right now.” Mission accomplished.

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