Diamantina – Me-ting (audio)

Diamantina – Me-ting (audio)

Anyone in my entourage would tell you: I’m a huge solo dates advocate and as a whole, I’m just BIG on me time. Ir’s probably for the best because, in all honestly, I tend to be a moody cow if I cannot be by myself doing whatever I truly feel like doing for at least one hour a day. This extends outside of the house: I encourage all of you to go out on your own. Try a new hobby, eat at at the restaurant, go to the movies or a concert, visit a museum, book yourself a trip abroad (loved my solo travels to Copenhagen – I should actually do it again)! You’ll feel awkward at first but I promise you, there’s something magical about taking the time to fill up your cup and, most importantly, about feeling comfortable in your own company.  

That’s what my radiant Diamantina is expressing in her new single Me-ting which is an absolute pop/r&b banger that I couldn’t NOT share on the blog. In full transparency, we’ve been working together for a while now and I therefore got the privilege to hear this gem a few months ago. Trust me when I tell you it hasn’t left my mind ever since. One listen and I was gone, singing multiple times a week “I’ve been in a me-ting!” and remixing her lyrics to the extreme with “you gotta check yourself a thousand times a day” (I mean… that’s probably how much we should love & care for ourselves).

Produced by up-and-coming talent Kierran (who recently signed with UMP and has been seen in the studio with MNEK and FLO… just saying), Me-ting is “a self-care anthem for anyone who wants to rightly so prioritise their me-time. You know, when you just need that nurturing space to be with yourself and feel your feelings to get back to you!”. Yes I relate girl!

This is now how I start my mornings and Diamantina has more in store to soundtrack our lives and solo explorations as she’s currently gearing up to releasing her debut EP Archipelago, scheduled for this autumn. Meanwhile, feel free to cancel all plans, press play and enjoy your me-ting.

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