Tamaraebi – Sweet Summers Day (video)

Tamaraebi – Sweet Summers Day (video)

I have a secret playlist called UFO, populated with beautiful, talented minds that seem to come from another planet. Maybe I’ll share with you one day. And it’s very likely it would include Tamaraebi‘s new single Sweet Summers Day.

Born in Nigeria but now based in London, the singer has a voice so peculiar, sounding almost childlike at times, but that’s only until he starts bursting through the ceilings with his big, strong yet celestial, falsetto. If the very raw quality of the track would have usually thrown me off, it is here where all the force of the song resides, elegantly serving the narration and vocal delivery, Tamaraebi being supported and fully pushed to the forefront thanks to a minimalistic organ loop.  “We recorded this piece in one take during a phase of uncertainty, he explains. I was battling with questions about my life path, my artistic journey and self-discovery. The chorus encapsulates a desire for renewal and self-acceptance – symbolised by rain and the cleansing nature of water.”

Sweet Summers Day will feature on the upcoming Lost Angel, Tamaraebi’s follow-up to his Spectrum EP which has amassed over 2 million streams across platforms since its release in 2021. The heavenly figure is also what, somehow, inspired this song, “weaving a heartfelt narrative of yearning, guiding us on a poignant journey to a place where life once flowed effortlessly; or an imagined future where such serenity exists, akin to the spirit of a lost angel”, he continues. 

Short, sweet and melancholy-imbued, Sweet Summers Day definitely leaves you with the same after-taste as the sunny season.

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