Glou-Glou – Let That Go (audio)

Glou-Glou – Let That Go (audio)

Let me introduce you to Glou-Glou. I’m not really sure why he went for that name but in French “glou glou” is associated to the sound emitted by a beverage when pouring it into a glass and his latest single Let That Go definitely feels like the tastiest and fanciest refreshment.

… This is what I wrote before diving into Glou-Glou’s biography and finding out that, of course, this is totally intentional and my interpretation was correct. But wait for it: it gets even better and I need to share that with you before moving on to today’s track. Because Glou-Glou, known otherwise as Cam Hovsepian in his daily life, is not only a singer, a multi-instrumentalist and producer. He’s also… a winemaker. Excuse me, but how brilliant is that? And as tickling our tastebuds wasn’t enough, he started targeting our ears too, making music “as smooth as his natural wines”

Let That Go, to me, is a lively moelleux, elegant and timeless, with a shiny yellow robe and golden reflections, round and velvety in the mouth with rich notes of peaches, exotic fruits and honey that leave you with a long and smooth finish. I’ll stop here with the metaphor because I only wish I had the skills to describe wine accurately (don’t tell anyone I translated wine descriptions for 3 years please – to my defense, this was 10 years ago). But to go back to the music, this song is just classy, both in its vocals and instrumentation. It gives space generously: to drums and guitars which can breathe and play as they please, but also to the listener, letting you ponder over what you need to leave behind. As beautifully stated in the press release, Let That Go “immediately draws you in but never pulls too tight”. “Life is filled with so many small momentary interactions that can end up lingering with you for hours or days or weeks. It can lead to harboring anxiety or anger and can take away from living in the moment. If the voice in my head played a soundtrack to combat all of that anxiety, stress, or anger, this is the song it’d be playing”, Glou-Glou reveals.

So pour that glass of wine and allow Let That Go to become your new mantra.

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