My travels – Sardinia

My travels – Sardinia

I’m off work for two weeks right now and I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve had such a long holiday NOT going abroad. I’ve always been one to think that breaks are meant to literally escape but sometimes, all you need is a little staycation to allow your brain and body to fully rest while feeding your soul. This is an opportunity for me to reflect on the year, dream about the next one, reset and clean, sleep (A LOT), catch up on music releases, series and movies, but also to do things that I enjoy but seemed so out of reach during my usual daily life. Like reading. Cooking. Spending quality time with my family. And let my mind wander while editing footage from my last travels.

The vlog I’ll be sharing with you today has actually been done last year but I kept it private because of the song I chose, which should be familiar if you were around these past few weeks: Runaway, by Stephen James. Back then, it was just a demo but I insisted on using it to lull these sweet memories from my two-week trip to Sardinia in summer 2016, as it embodies my usual state of mind during and after my holidays, the ballad being introspective and nostalgic at the same time.

I still have a bunch of videos, so many that you can expect a part 2 (and maybe 3) at some point, along with some recommendations. But I might take you somewhere else before…


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