All eyes on... A-L-X

All eyes on... A-L-X

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I’m taking you to Scotland today to meet A-L-X. Formerly known as Alex Gardner (his real name), the 23-year-old singer fell in love with music quite early just like many other artists, thanks to his mother who was a violonist in an orchestra and his brother Adam, singer and guitarist of the metal band Mind Set A Threat. After some piano lessons when he was 5, Alex opted for the guitar at 10 and eventually left the Edinburgh Academy 6 years later, hoping to kick off a career in London. “I saved up enough money for five months’ rent in London and went for it. I had no idea what I was going to do but I was looking for something creative. My parents were a bit sceptical to say the least”, he told One week later, on his way home, Alex sadly got mugged by six armed men who took his jewellery and his cash, while his friend got his bank account cleared out at the cash machine.

But sometimes, you gotta lose to win again and this is exactly what happened: in 2010, Alex Gardner got himself a deal with Universal. After releasing the singles I’m Not Mad and Feeling Fine, he toured in support of Pixie Lott and Paolo Nutini and started working with Xenomania (just like Alex Vargas with the Vagabond band a few years ago, or Frankee from M.O. who used to be part of the Mini Viva duet). The collab didn’t turn out very fruitful as the album was never released and he got dropped from his label.

When you really want something, you can’t give up that easily though. And Alex was definitely right to hold on to his dream. Now he’s producing tracks for the British songstress Liv and showcasing his new music as A-L-X. He made his comeback in February 2014 with the sexy Beautiful Criminal, which appeared to be totally different than what he used to sing — farewell, sweet pop: now let’s spice it up with some rnb, and all of that released under… Xenomania Records. Allure quickly followed, along with Timebomb, the track I discovered him with last fall thanks to Charley recommendations.

The song — which also happens to be the title-track of his EP released earlier this week — is the perfect hybrid between urban and rock, two sounds scattered throughout his entire project (with a special mention for the latest single Tried Love, my favorite track, hands down!). And quite frankly, you don’t have to think twice to purchase it: that gem only costs 1,49€ (!!!) for five songs (go ahead and try to find anything cheaper with the same quantity and quality on iTunes… I almost thought it was a mistake). It’s been tested and approved (and recommended to Lenny Kravitz and Miguel fans and anyone else loving these artists sitting on the fence)! And if you enjoy it as much as I do, you can already be looking forward to A-L-X’s next EP, currently made with love and even more eclecticism with a new producer called Hoskins.


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