Jade – In The Breeze (audio)

Jade – In The Breeze (audio)

There isn’t a more appropriate weather than this rainy sky to introduce you to Jade‘s mellow yet uplifting single. And I’m extra happy to share her music as that 22-year-old singer-songwriter born in Hong-Kong an American-Haitian mother and a Belgian father… is from Brussels. 

Following her 200K-stream debut Don’t (released in 2017 under the name Jade Jones), In The Breeze is about just as much as a nomad as its performer who attended the prestigious Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music in New York City. Recorded over the past two years in the Big Apple, Brussels, Japan and Berlin, this quiet, jazz-tinted song is a collection of moments experienced and lessons learned that slowly grows and swells, gently instilling self-belief in your heart. Describing an imaginary Elysium, the self-product track tells the story of finding one’s way – picking up, slowing down, washing over and dancing around – much like a breeze. This is what you timidly whisper to yourself and sing repeatedly with more and more conviction as every chorus comes by, like a powerful affirmation. “This song is my fear, happiness, frustration, motivation, doubt, passion, questioning of passion, sadness, serenity and hope, all in one. I wrote this song not to let go, but to keep holding on”, Jade reveals.

In the Breeze is her manifesto, marking the debut of a new chapter in her artistry, one where she has taken full control. Part of the DJ agency Les Filles since 2019, Jade is currently working towards her first EP.

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