Rosa Raye – When We Were Good (audio)

Rosa Raye – When We Were Good (audio)

Known for being a pop heaven, Scandinavia never ceases to amaze me with their new artists. Hailing from Denmark, Rosa Raye definitely masters the art of the catchy chorus and brilliantly sprinkles it with an r&b vibe in her new single When We Were Good.

Formerly signed to a major label in her home country, the singer-songwriter set herself free going fully independent and of course, as you’ve probably figured out already from my opinion on the matter shared on previous posts, I’M HERE FOR IT!

Rosa is making moves now and she ain’t looking back. Oh, well… just a little bit. When it comes to love. Surely we can understand. Produced by Christian Refer, When We Were Good is indeed reminiscing good memories of a relationship that has gone bad because of infidelity and broken trust. No wonder why that breezy chorus strangely makes me feel nostalgic of a summer we didn’t even have. “I wasn’t trying to say the right, correct things – I was just expressing a feeling. I don’t sugarcoat it because stuff like that hurts. But sometimes when the truth hurts, you just want to escape and make yourself feel good by thinking about the good memories and ignoring the bad, so the song is not too serious. There are some fun lines in there”, Rosa explains.

Rosa Raye‘s very vivid and candid songwriting is precisely what drew me into the track, alongside her distinctive voice and sassy delivery.  Have a listen below!

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