MNEK – Paradise (acoustic)

The MNEK banger factory has just presented a new version of Paradise and it's a real upgrade!

The rebirth of Kane Chattey (interview)

The former SBTV's Creative Director Kane Chattey got himself back home through music. Following the release of his debut single, I've had a chat with him about finding yourself and the myth of happiness.

AMERY – I Need Lovin’ (audio)

The weekend is here, but I've decided to talk about work. Because yes, work can be fun (even though I'm happy to be off), especially when it comes with the opportunity to do something you love. And AMERY's music is just that: close to the heart.

The Tropical Vibes playlist

I'm here with a new playlist full of sunshine to extend that summer as much as I can!

3 books that will change your perspective on life

Music nourishes the soul but so do many other things in life. The latter are exactly what I intend to share with you in my new Soul Food category which I'm officially inaugurating today with 3 books that enriched me at the right times.

Ryland James – Good To You (video)

Brace yourselves: here's the next big thing in the making!

Moses Sumney – Doomed (video)

Disclaimer: I know, Moses Sumney's Doomed has been released a month ago. But I couldn't picture any other song for my first proper come-back post.

New beginnings

Hi, I'm Alison. Welcome in this new chapter of Urban Soul. I’ve been away for a while because… life happened. Please take a seat and let me explain everything.

Coming soon – Juillet 2017

Toutes les sorties musicales belges du mois de juillet 2017 !