15 seconds of fame: Yuni Rain

15 seconds of fame: Yuni Rain

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I’m back with my new column 15 seconds of fame, the traditional 15 minutes having been reduced by some Instagram magic! Every month, I’ll feature one talented anonymous bird from this social media, allowing you to discover that person thanks to a little quiz and my favorite video (and as I’ve always had issues sorting things out, I’ll even add two extra links). But please note that even if I’m offering 15 seconds of fame to these music-loving users, it’s actually YEARS of success that I wish and presage with this column! Without further ado, I’ll invite you to get to know Yuni Rain. And I’m gonna bend the rules for once as I’m choosing this time to highlight an original song snippet instead of a cover. Most of the artists I’m contacting have usually just started to work on their own material but luckily, Yuni already had some personal tricks under his sleeve so why not showcasing it? Get familiar with Just Tell Me, selected as THE demo, as well as his renditions of Justin Bieber‘s Love Yourself and Usher‘s You Make Me Wanna. I like how he can be so raw yet so polished at the same time — are you also getting that vibe?

And if you think you have what it takes to give me goosebumps too, send me your link to alison@urbansoul.be or @urbansoulmag on Twitter (and by the way, let’s follow each other on Instagram as well, shall we?)


Artist name: Yuni Rain
Age: 28
City: Union City, New Jersey, US
I’m a: singer/songwriter/producer/actor.
Instruments: I play guitar and piano.
I fell in love with music… : Music has always been apart of my life. I grew up in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico with my family who were all extremely talented as well. My grandfather was my biggest inspiration. He was a well known gospel singer and songwriter.
I sing because… : singing is in my blood, it’s part of my upbringing. It helps me make heavy or stressful situations feel lighter. Music keeps me from feeling down and allows me to be creative in expressing my emotions at the time.
My musical pet peeve: When it comes to music I don’t have any real pet peeves. Music is art and whatever speaks to you, can and should be expressed through it. I guess the one thing that bothers me is when people choose to sound like everyone else instead of being original.
The song that represents me the best: It would have to be Smile by Nat King Cole. You can almost always catch me smiling.
3 words to describe my own music: emotional, sexy and confident.
Dream collaboration: Kanye West,Ed Sheeran and Tori Kelly.
Upcoming projects: I’m currently working on my first album entitled The Wave and hopefully it will be released before the new year.
Where to find me:  Instagram ● Twitter ● Facebook ● YouTube Vine ● … or just Google me.

THE demo

DEMO #2     DEMO #3

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