Amber Olivier debuts her self-titled EP

Amber Olivier debuts her self-titled EP

What better way to celebrate your 22nd birthday than to finally introduce your music — and ultimately, yourself — to the world? Amber Olivier blessed our ears with this exquisite gift today, releasing her self-titled debut EP. “This is a huge step for me, I enjoyed making this EP so much & I hope it makes you feel as good as I did creating it”, she confessed on Instagram. Her name might already ring a bell to Sonder’s fans as the half-Trinidadian, half-British princess was featured on their Sheath EP last year with One Unread, which also appears on her own project and quickly won the first place in my heart.

Raised in London in a creative and stimulating environment, Amber Olivier grew up watching her dad DJ et her mom singing along to Whitney Houston, while developing a soft spot for dancing on the side. The songstress has certainly gone a long way since her childhood dreams of becoming a stunt woman and her two-year-training in stockbroking when she was 16. Indeed, nowadays, music seems to be a safe bet and love her best investment. Inspired by relationships, she’s been writing and recording since the age of 17 and is now going public with a solid offering produced by Brent Faiyaz“There was no premeditated concept for my project, I just knew I wanted it to be honest & feel good. I’d describe this body of work as a select few songs that simply introduce me to you”, she detailed for HungerGentle and atmospheric, this first effort results in a captivating quarter of an hour, obviously influenced by Aaliyah‘s 90s R&B and Sade‘s phrasing on a sultry track like Come To Me.

Amber Olivier is currently on tour in the US, opening for Brent Faiyaz.

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