Sharing is caring: here are my favorite spots to fish for new songs and artists, just to keep you busy in between two publications on Urban Soul!
I always thought my Mom was a bit crazy when she used to say that some artists felt like family to her. But Hunnah definitely feels familiar and not in an unoriginal kinda way: both her background and her music hit home.
The enigmatic singer ONUR offers a fresh take on R&B with his debut single Beamin'.
Wanted: 2 people who would like to recreate Ruby Francis' video with me on a boring day.
I'm back. He is too. Back at it again reading & winning my heart.
The first time I heard Scarlxrd, I felt attacked and I claimed that I would never listen to these tracks ever again. Boy, was I wrong: I got sucked into his story. Let me explain what made me press play once again 24 hours after discovering him.
You've already watched This Is America? Then watch it AGAIN.
We're all falling for Mahalia, one by one (including Ed Sheeran and Nineteen85), since 2012. Here's a breakdown of her best seduction techniques.
My favorite is back: get ready for take off!